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  • Interested in joining the network?
  • Please call (800) 397-1630.
  • Claims - General Information
  • If you have questions about claims in general, call (800) 888-3944.
  • Claims Submission/ Address
  • Reference the address on the member's identification card, as the address may vary based on payment location.
  • Member Benefits, Eligibility, and Authorizations
  • If you have a question about authorization or benefits, call the (800) number on the back of the member’s identification card.
  • Member Customer Service
  • To reach Member Customer Service, call the (800) number on the back of the member’s identification card.
  • Provider Supporting Documentation
  • To send supporting documentation such as malpractice or insurance cover sheets please fax to (866) 612-7795
  • Regional Offices
  • If you have general questions and would like to contact Provider Relations in your region, visit the list of our regional offices.
  • Electronic Claims Submission/ EDI Helpdesk
  • If you have a technical question about ProviderConnect (website), or EDI Claims Link, please contact the EDI Help Desk at (888) 247-9311 from 8 am — 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.

    Fax: (866) 698-6032

      Mailing Address:
      Attn: EDI Helpdesk
      PO Box 1287
      Latham, NY 12110
  • Credentialing Status
  • To obtain information pertaining to your network status, contact our National Provider Line at (800) 397-1630 from 8 am - 8 pm Eastern Time.
  • Fraud and Abuse
  • Reports of fraud and abuse, or suspicions thereof, can be made in writing to:
      Mailing Address:
      Corporate Headquarters
      ATTN:  Special Investigations Unit
      240 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 100
      Norfolk, VA 23502
  • Clinical Appeals
  • To request a clinical appeal on a member's behalf, call the (800) number included in the adverse determination letter you received.
  • Administrative Appeal
  • To request an administrative appeal, call the (800) number included in the administrative denial letter you received.
  • Complaints/Grievances
  • To file a complaint/grievance, call the (800) number on the back of the member's identification card to speak to Customer Service.
  • Adverse Incident
  • Report all adverse incidents to the Clinical Care Manager with whom you conduct reviews.
  • Duty to Warn
  • Report all potential situations to the Clinical Care Manager with whom you conduct reviews.
  • Provider Coverage During Absences
  • Contact the Clinical Care Manager with whom you conduct reviews during absences (i.e. coverage while on vacation). Or call the number on the card to provide coverage information.
  • Changing your Provider Profile (e.g. Name, address)
  • "Change of Address" forms can be found at and may be submitted by using one of the following options:

    Fax: (866) 612-7795
      Mail Address:
      c/o Practitioner Maintenance
      P.O. Box 41055
      Norfolk, VA 23541
    NOTE: A change of address requires an accompanying W-9 form which is also located at

General Information