We offer fully integrated programs that deliver positive outcomes and superior results.

We offer fully integrated programs that deliver positive outcomes and superior results.

Products and Services for Taft-Hartley Funds and VEBA Plans

Beacon Health Options contracts nationally with labor organizations, employers and health plans. Four core services are provided:

  1. management of mental health and substance abuse (MH/SA) health plan benefits
  2. management of member/employee assistance programs (MAP/EAP)
  3. provision of online and telephonic health coaching, work/life and legal/financial services
  4. health and wellness programs

Beacon Health Options maintains a contracted network of behavioral health providers representing more 127,000 providers nationally.

Beacon Health Options Experience

Beacon Health Options has delivered high-quality behavioral health care to Joint Labor – Management programs since 1973.

Beacon Health Options' Fund Account Management team has an average of 15 years of experience servicing its Taft-Hartley Fund clients.

Beacon Health Options Joint Labor – Management MAP/EAP training programs promote a realistic, cooperative approach to issues in the workplace. Our training programs address the tough issues such as assisting members/employees with job performance problems, intervention and MAP/EAP referral and Fitness for Duty issues.

Beacon Health Options Consultations services provide expert advice on program and benefit design, case by case consultation and workplace trauma,

Beacon Health Options' critical incident response services are recognized as an invaluable resource by unions and employers across the country.

Partnerships for optimal health

An effective health plan starts with finding the right partner to bridge medical, behavioral and pharmaceutical care in support of members' health benefits packages. We offer fully integrated MH/SA and MAP/EAP programs that deliver positive outcomes for participants and superior results for our clients. If you would like additional information, such as a free evaluation of your current program and a ROI summary, please call (866) VOSALES (866)867-2537) or e-mail Sales@Valueoptions.com.