Innovative Solutions.  Better Health.


Beacon Health Options Products and Services

Our products and services deliver results.

They are built on our history of overcoming barriers to change. Decades of experience give us insight into providing innovative solutions that improve health and wellness, increase productivity and stem health care expenditures.

Our products and services support commercial, public sector and federal clients. Our clients – which include Fortune 500 companies, national and regional health plans and the federal government – rely on our solutions.

And we’ve delivered.



Our proven array of products and services include:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) – Domestic and Global
  • Fraud and Abuse Management
  • Grants Management Practice
  • Healthy ConnectionsTM Engagement Centers
  • Health and Life Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Solutions
  • IntelligenceConnect® Reporting Solutions
  • Incentive Tracking Capabilities
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Care
  • Medicaid Management Programs
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Tele-Psychiatry
  • Work/Life Solutions

The industry has recognized our solutions with awards and other honors. Our Achieve Solutions® behavioral health and wellness website, our work/life and employee assistance programs, as well as our prevention and health promotion programs have received industry recognition for innovation as well as clinical and operational excellence.

We have created innovative, flexible care solutions tailored to the unique cultures of our clients and their populations. These solutions improve productivity, reduce costs and improve lives.

We recognize the complexities of behavioral health, and the close association between mental health and physical health. We draw from a deep history to deliver solutions that address physical and behavioral needs.

We’ve gained our rich experience in behavioral health and wellness through:

  • The people we serve
  • The issues we address
  • The solutions we provide

And, we’ll continue to develop products and services that remove the barriers that stand between people and their hopes for better health.